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If you want the worst smile possible, then there are many things you can do to damage your oral health and harm your pearly whites. Some of those things are:

Play sports without wearing a mouthguard
Playing sports without wearing a mouthguard is extremely dangerous for your smile, especially because of the hard, forceful objects involved in the sport. Oftentimes, a knee, elbow, or sports ball will hit your mouth and severely injure your teeth and jaw. The best thing you can do to avoid this occurrence is wear a mouthguard.

Consume sugary products
Sugar is a harmful product that attacks your teeth and creates tooth decay. So, it’s best to avoid consuming sugary products, like candy, sweets, and soda, as much as possible. However, if you do decide to eat or drink something sugary, it’s best to properly clean your smile afterward.

Snack all day
Snacking throughout the day can make your teeth vulnerable to tooth decay, especially because snacking doesn’t give your teeth the time they need to produce protective shields that help them stay healthy and strong. So, it’s best to limit snacking as much as possible.

Chew on pencils
Like chewing on ice, chewing on pencils can harm your teeth more than you know. When you chew on pencils, your teeth develop small cracks in their enamel, which grow and develop over time, resulting in major dental problems in the future.

Smoking is extremely damaging to your oral health. It tends to create gum disease, stain your teeth, and increase your chances of falling victim to oral cancer. So, it’s best to avoid smoking at all costs. If you need help doing so, please feel free to talk to your dentist.

Now, our Sossaman Family Dental team knows that you probably don’t want the worst smile possible. In fact, we hope you are striving for the beautiful, healthy, and strong smile you deserve. If this is the case, it’s best to avoid the mentioned dental habits and keep your teeth in tip-top shape. For more information and details about the poor dental habits to avoid in Mesa, Arizona, please call our office at 480-359-1464. We also encourage you to schedule a dental appointment with our dentists if you have any concerns about your oral health. We are here to help you!