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Straight teeth are essential to a great appearance, and in today’s world you need to make a great first impression every time you meet someone new.

Unfortunately, adult braces aren’t very good for your appearance, and they can leave you feeling very self-conscious. Not to mention they’re far from comfortable.

If you need to straighten your teeth but don’t want to use braces, then you need to take a serious look at Invisalign®.

Why to consider it

Invisalign is a revolutionary procedure developed to give people – especially adults – a beautiful straight smile without the need for traditional metal wires and brackets that come with braces.

Instead, clear plastic retainers are created to match the shape of your mouth. No one can tell you’re wearing these retainers, and you can go about your day smiling confidently.

How does it work?

Your dentist will take a mold of your mouth, and then create a series of clear plastic retainers. You’ll wear each pair for two weeks, then swap it out for the next one. These will slowly move your teeth into place over time, albeit at a faster rate than traditional braces. You have to wear your retainers all day, except when eating or brushing.

Invisalign is a safe, groundbreaking procedure for straightening teeth and one that any adult with a less-than-ideal smile should consider. You don’t have to be a professional businessman to need Invisalign – it can help no matter what position you hold in life.