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As a parent, taking care of your children’s health is one of your top priorities – especially when they’re babies. However, between pediatric appointments, finding the right formula, and the host of other things you have to concern yourself with, it’s easy to overlook the fact that your babies need dental care as well.

It’s recommended that you bring your children to Sossaman Family Dental in Mesa, Arizona either when their first tooth erupts or by the first birthday – which happens first.

Let’s look at why you should do that.

Promotes good oral health

Fluoride is one of the most beneficial additives to your child’s diet that can aid in great oral health – and it’s been proven by the American Dental Association to be most efficacious on younger teeth. Dr. Elena M. Alexander, Dr. Jared Mayer, and Dr. Timothy Yu will likely prescribe a fluoride supplement if your baby isn’t getting enough already.

Makes the dentist a normal part of life

By far the best advantage of going to the dentist early on in life is that it makes dental visits seems an ordinary, normal event. If you wait too long to take your kids to the dentist, they’ll likely put up quite a fuss before going. However, taking them early on in life instills in them the fact that there’s nothing to fear about a dental visit.

While it may be hard to find time in your schedule to take your young babies to the dentist, it’s important to do so if you want them to have the best oral health possible. You can call us today at 480-359-1464 to schedule an appointment.