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You can damage your teeth in many different and unexpected ways. Some damage is minor and very easy to repair, while others require more involved care. It is always best to save the natural tooth if possible, but sometimes that simply can’t be done. If that happens, Dr. Elena M. Alexander, Dr. Jared Mayer, and Dr. Timothy Yu may recommend extracting and replacing the tooth.

Implants offer the most secure and long-lasting replacement for extracted teeth when they are properly cared for. Using a dental implant to replace a missing tooth has many benefits. These benefits include:

Improved Appearance. Implants and crowns enhance your smile by behaving and looking just like your natural teeth. Be ready to smile wide again.

Better Security. Since implants are designed to fuse with your bone and are therefore permanent, they offer much greater tooth security than other options such as dentures. This makes eating and speaking fluid and natural, and much more comfortable.

Comfort. Dental implants become part of you, so the uncomfortable movement traditionally associated with dentures is eliminated.

Improved Self-Esteem. With implants, your smile is restored to its original beauty. This will bring back your confidence in your smile, and help you in any social situation you may be in.

Improved Oral Health. Bridges and dentures require structures in the mouth that can cause damage if improperly cared for. Bridges require wearing down the teeth on either side of the extracted tooth, while partial dentures can move around and irritate the surrounding tissue and teeth. Implants keep your mouth healthier by involving fewer oral structures in the restoration.

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