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Dental implants are a tooth replacement service offered by our team at Sossaman Family Dental that can replace missing teeth for a healthy smile that can withstand the same rigors as natural teeth. Unlike other replacement services that can potentially fall out, like dentures, dental implants are designed for lasting support and a permanent hold. Wear your smile with confidence through dental implants. Benefits include:

* Dental implants can return your eating and speaking skills to a much more natural standard like what it was before tooth loss occurred.
* With suitable care and maintenance, dental implants can last a lifetime.
* Through a process known as Osteointegration, the bone supporting the implant can grow tighter.
* Dental implants can fill out your jaw and improve your social status and self-esteem.
* Missing teeth, over time, can cause your jawbone can deteriorate and weaken.
* Dental implants can be made-to-order based on size, shape, color, fitness, curvature, and comfort.
* Dental implants fill the voids that missing teeth leave behind and prevent other teeth from shifting or sliding around the loose gums.

Speak with Dr. Elena M. Alexander, Dr. Jared Mayer, and Dr. Timothy Yu at Sossaman Family Dental to ensure that dental implants are the right tooth replacement treatment for you. Our office is conveniently situated in Mesa, Arizona, and we can be reached via phone at 480-359-1464. Schedule an appointment today and we can get back you on the path to oral health care victory!