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Are you looking for a discrete and easy way to straighten your teeth? Invisalign is a revolutionary alternative to braces created in 1997. It has slowly gained popularity the past several years, and for good reason.

Invisalign aligners are clear trays made out of a special thermoplastic material custom-fit to the shape of your teeth. Invisalign can be just as effective in treating your bite problems as braces and in less time. While braces take an average of two years to straighten your teeth, Invisalign can usually do the job in six to eighteen months. They are more aesthetically pleasing as they are clear and thin without wires or brackets. They are also more conducive to eating and oral hygiene as they are removable. They are comfortable and do not impair your speaking abilities any more than wearing braces would.

There are some smiles or personalities that do not qualify for Invisalign. Patients with bridgework, back tooth bite issues, or canine premolar issues would be better served in braces. If your dentist or orthodontist says that your teeth need to move vertically, Invisalign can’t help with that. Also, if you feel that you would not have the discipline to keep the Invisalign trays in for 22 hours or more every day, you should probably get braces instead.

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