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Braces are designed to correct the alignment of your teeth. Once they are removed, they will form a stunning smile. However, you will need a retainer to maintain that smile for a while. Without a retainer holding your teeth in place, they might actually shift back to their original positions, which will negate all the cost and effort of your orthodontia work.

While its main reason for existence is to maintain your bite, here are some other exciting and lesser-known benefits of a retainer:

1. For those who snore: special types of retainers can help normalize your breathing patterns, promoting better sleep.
2. If your child has a speech impediment, wearing a retainer can help adjust his or her tongue placement and thus make it easier to form precise sounds.
3. Did you know that maintaining straighter teeth means better oral health? How does this work? Well, it’s a series of causes and effects. Straight teeth are easier to clean, which leads to less plaque, which leads to less cavities and other dental problems.
4. The American Diabetes Association reports that poor oral health is related to diabetes. If you wear your retainer and keep your teeth straight and thus your bite healthy, you actually have a statistically decreased chance of getting diabetes.
5. Here’s another chain of cause and effect: straight teeth can help you chew food more effectually, thereby getting more nutrients from your food, which leads to a healthier body.

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